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My husband and I knew we wanted to have Alecia's assistance from the first meeting at Starbucks. She was so easy to know and available that we were completely comfortable with having her join our family for this joyous event. She was excited with us. During labor, Alecia grounded me. I felt strongly about not being medicated, but at that transition point it was so hard (of course)! Alecia kept me on track and helped maintain a level of confidence to get through it. I am so proud of our son's arrival. It was very close to our ideal. I met her as a doula, but trust her as a sister. ––  Amy


Alecia White Scharback, Director of Big Apple Doula

I grew up in Buffalo, Iowa, by the Mississippi River and lots of green, open space. I have always had a profound fascination with pregnancy and birth, and often wondered how I could be a part of such a mysterious, miraculous life-event. So, in 2003, while in graduate school, when I heard the local hospital was having a doula training workshop I signed up right away, not knowing how much it would change my life...

I am a certified labor support and postpartum doula (through International Childbirth Education Association—ICEA), and have completed additional postpartum doula training through DONA International. I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC), and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE). In addition, I hold a certification in adult, child and infant CPR, and am always continuing my education as a doula through workshops, seminars, reading, etc. In addition to my formal doula training, I have much practical experience working with multiples—especially twins and triplets—during the birth and postpartum period. I enjoy working with the unique joys and challenges that multiple birth brings to a family!

I love working with new moms, new babes, and their families--whether that be attending their birth or attending to them during the special postpartum period. It is an honor to be a part of such a precious time in life, and I love lending a hand/ear to help moms and dads make their transition to parenthood a joyful and confident one. My philosophy statement, and that of ICEA, is:

I support family-centered maternity and newborn care and the right of parents to make informed choices based on knowledge of alternatives. As an ICEA Certified Doula, I will work with other health care professionals and consumers to promote family-centered care, breastfeeding, and parent-infant bonding. I understand and accept my primary responsibility to be supporting the laboring woman and new family. I view birth as a natural, normal life event--not a medical event. I strive to nurture and protect women’s memories of their birth and postpartum experiences.

I live with my amazing husband/actor/FDNY paramedic Joshua, son Noah, and doggies Jolly and Josie—in Astoria, Queens…near the green, open space of Astoria Park.

Kassie Anderson

Kassie Anderson is a DONA trained birth doula who has been providing labor support to women since 2005. Kassie believes that a woman should be able to give birth in an atmosphere that is full of trust andrespect for the birth process. She feels that birth is a transformative event in the life of a woman, and as such, a woman should have the knowledge and support to help her feel empowered by her birth experience. Along with her own two births, Kassie brings with her the vaired experience of working with women birthing at home, in birth centers, and in hospitals.

As my labor doula, Britt showed up and went straight to work.  She brought a birthing ball, which was so wondrous throughout my labor, and massaged lavender oil on my back and temples.  My partner was an enormous source of strength for me, and Britt ensured that he remained hands-on in my pain management.  Between the comforting touch and words of both my partner and my doula, I never once felt that I couldn't go on. ––  Happy Mom

Britt Sady

It is my honor to support women in having the birth they want and experiencing motherhood in a way that inspires confidence and joy in them and their family. I believe that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are among nature's most beautiful achievements and that bringing our babies into this world is among life's peak experiences. I also honor the knowledge gained by western medicine when it is used with great respect for the laboring woman and her child.

I am certified by DONA International as a labor and postpartum doula, and by Lamaze as a childbirth educator.

It was my niece's birth in November of 2003 that convinced me to become a doula. Since that time, I have had many opportunities to attend women through labor and delivery and guide expectant parents in making informed decisions about their baby's birth. I have also had the privilege of assisting many families through those intense and magical days and weeks after the baby arrives.

When I gave birth to my son in June of 2006, it was the mothers I'd assisted who were my greatest teachers and my inspiration.

My years of experience and continued learning give me valuable insight into helping families empower themselves for birth, cope with the beauty and the challenges that arise in labor, and support parents as they care for their infants and create new lives as parents.

What a help Annette was for me!  It worked out so well to have her here- she brought the perfect balance of caring professionalism.  Annette showed me what I didn't know that 
I didn't know, and then taught me to do it myself.  ––  Karin

Annette Perel

Growing up bilingual in two different cultures, New York and Panama City, I draw from a time-honored tradition in which supporting women is an integral part of community life.

I am a DONA certified Birth Doula and trained Postpartum Doula. I began attending births in 2002. Working with women in labor and the birth of my son in 2005 has inspired me to focus my studies towards becoming a midwife.

As a postpartum doula, I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for babywearing and Diaper Free Infant Hygene ("Elimination Communication").

I have a great deal of a respect for and interest in exploring different parenting styles and traditions. I am honored to be a parent mentor helping moms and dads transition confidently into parenthood. ense and magical days and weeks after the baby arrives.

When I gave birth to my son in June of 2006, it was the mothers I'd assisted who were my greatest teachers and my inspiration.

Patty Moreno-Fletcher

Growing up in a family of five children and raised in the heart of Manhattan's Upper West Side, gave me a great sense of respect and admiration for women and mothers! Raising three beautiful children of my own inspired my work as a Doula.

It is an honor for me to work with the strength that all women possess and to help empower them to give birth in their own, deeply personal way. My role as a Doula is to unconditionally support you in your decision making process. Through helping you find your inner fortitude and tap into your innate knowledge of how you want to give birth, I am able to assist you in bringing new life into this world.

I am a DONA International trained birth and postpartum Doula. I have a degree in English Literature and a black belt in the traditional Japanese martial arts known as Kenshi-Kai Ken. I am also bilingual, speaking Spanish and English fluently. I have been attending births since 2002. It was the birth of my third child that inspired me to turn my love of supporting childbearing women into a career as a Doula.

Lee came to us in a time of need... she was our rescue. ––  Carrie

Lee Volaski

The birth of Lee's daughter changed her life. Although she hadn't heard about doulas at the time of her own birth, soon after she read an article that introduced her to doulas. Since she had loved babies from a very early age, and that love had grown into a passion for pregnant mothers and families, she couldn't wait to start her own journey as a doula! She feels there are no words to describe the honor of being a small part of a family during the special labor and postpartum period. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with each family she works with, and learning from them, as well. Lee is certified as a birth and postpartum doula through DONA. She is an active member of the Long Island Doula Association, the Queens Breastfeeding Alliance, and La Leche League. She is also a Certified Lactation Counselor, and certified in infant CPR. She continues her education by attending workshops and lectures, reading, and networking with other people in the birth field. Lee loves supporting new moms and families during the most special time of their lives...

Abigail Walker Valencia

Abigail Walker Valencia is a Mother, as well as a DONA trained Birth Doula, Reiki Practitioner, Breastfeeding Educator and Holistic Health Counselor. She decided to become a doula in order to fulfill her passion of working with babies and parents. Abigail believes in a woman’s ability to give birth naturally. Using her doula training and a variety of comfort measures and techniques, her goal is to guide, comfort, support, and encourage a woman during her labor of love. Abigail leads workshops on nutrition for pregnancy and fertility, and offers individual health counseling to parents and families. She speaks fluent Spanish.